The Solar Power Process

The process of getting your very own solar system and unlocking the benefits (and reduced costs) of solar power is relatively simple; Power Breeze is happy to assist you along the way or complete it on your behalf.

Step 1: Power Breeze

Meet with one of the directors at Power Breeze to discuss your needs and requirements. We'll put together a no-obligation free quote; if and when you agree, we proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Synergy

In a perfect world this step is simple and should only take 24-48 hours. All it requires is a copy of a Synergy bill which you can supply to us via email.

Synergy will apply a charge to your next Synergy account for a meter charge to read the solar input.

Step 3: Western Power

This step will take a bit longer: anywhere between 5 and 15 business days. This step is all about the solar system itself and requires the Synergy reference; Western Power will ensure the products and installers are registered (Power Breeze is).

Step 4: Your Solar System

Once the above steps are completed Power Breeze can install your new solar system and you can start saving money on electricity. Just make sure you don't forget to settle the invoice!

To estimate your solar energy output please click here.

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